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Fun for the Whole Family in the Post-Pandemic Spring and Summer

We’ve been through a lot in the last year.  A pandemic that shut down whole countries, and sent most people into the recluses of their homes for many months at a time.  And of course the unspeakable tolls that this has taken on many families through tragedy.

During this time many families have faced stress, being cramped together far more than usual.  Others might have been brought closer together, which would be a welcome side-effect of such a traumatic time.

However now we are hopefully nearing the end of this terrible period, and we can now discover what its like to get out of the house more freely.  What are some ways we can do this? Well we’ve taken some time to put together this post to share some of our ideas.

Bounce Houses and the Return of the Birthday Party

One thing that saw a dramatic decline, at least in our household, was the kids birthday party.  While we used to get invited to several each year (and threw 2 of our own), this completely dried up over the last year and it’s been absolutely no fun.

However now that we are nearing the end of the Pandemic, one of the first things that are going to return are the kids’ bday parties.  We are starting to plan one for ourselves, which includes one of our kids (and our own) favorite features of such a party, the Bounce House!

Doll Bounce House from BounceHousesNJ.com
Image courtesy of BounceHousesNJ.com

Our little girl loves bounce castles, and when the kids aren’t looking we like to get into the house and bounce around a little bit ourselves (don’t worry, the houses are made to support our weight and we don’t do this when any little ones are inside).

Special shout out to Bounce Houses NJ which are always very helpful when we set up our parties.


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