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Great Gift Idea for Crafty DIYers – The Cricut Machine

If you’ve got friends or significant others that are very crafty and artsy, you might know that speaking to this interest can help you pick gifts and whatnot for them for the holidays or their birthday.  They may like to get art prints for around the house, or trinkets and bits of sculpture that will spark their interest.

However perhaps a much better gift would be to enable their own creativity and craftyness.  A perfect fit for this type of gift would be the amazing Cricut Machines.

What is a Cricut Machine?

If you don’t know, a Cricut Machine is a relatively inexpensive consumer die cutting machine.  Unlike industrial die cutting machines which will carve out “dies” from steel, metal, plastic and other strong materials, the consumer version of die cutting machines work to carve out shapes from paper, vinyl, thin wood, rubber, and other materials.

What Can You do with a Cricut?

This allows you to do lots of cool things.  There are ways to use the cricut for mason jars, for leather, for wood, for stickers, for t shirts and labels.  It is really only limited by the users imagination.

If you are a parent it’s a great way to connect with your kids.  You can make lots of cool stuff leveraging graphics from your kids favorite cartoons or characters.  You can add these to your kids bookbags, t-shirts, shoes, you name it!

If you are a very expressive person you can use it creative your own greeting cards for the holidays, or to fill up your “flare” with custom patches and pins.



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