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Home Decor Options When You are Low on Ideas [Updated March 2020]

Sometimes interior decorating can be a little bit like writing or anything other creative endeavor, and you can suffer from writers’ block.

Not knowing what to do in a given situation can be super annoying and hurt someones confidence.  However, have no fear!  We can come through with a few tips that will help in any situation, and might help to spark some imagination for new ideas of your own!

Wall Art Prints

Adding some wall art is a good idea in almost any situation.  Blank walls are a vibe-killer for a room.

But not sure how to arrange the canvas art?  Try looking up templates for displaying the art, which will help guide you on the display of the canvas and how it might fit within the overall theme of the room.

Also good to keep in mind that there are multiple different types of prints available for you to choose from.  The classic canvas prints which work great for painted pictures, landscapes and portraits, then there are metal photo prints and acrylic photo prints which work for high definition photographs, nature scenes, or even graphic/comic book art.  Metal prints can also have a more modern/sleek feel, while canvas prints can have a more home/comfy feel.

Blankets and Pillows for Accoutrements

If you’ve got furniture in a room, it may be great, but it could add a couple of extra little bits of style.  One way to do this is to add some blankets and pillows for added effect.  They could go with the color or perhaps go with a converse style to contrast.

There are many companies now that will make custom pillows and blankets, if you have a desire to incorporate a personalized message, or even an image/photo on them.  However there are also plenty of stock messages/designs that work perfectly well when trying to figure out a decor strategy, so you don’t necessarily need to resort to customizations.

Get Your Hyyge on with Lamps and Lighting

The scandinavian concept of Hyyge has gotten a lot of popularity recently, and for good reason.  There is nothing like the warm and cozy feeling of “home”.  If you are truly looking to exemplify “home” in “home decor”, you’ll want to follow the hygge principles.

One of the primary ways to insitute feelings of Hygge is with lighting.  The main takeaway from this should be the following rule:

NO exposed lightbulbs.

The harshness of exposed lightbulbs is something that you need to avoid if you are going to maximize your comfort level.  The raw lightbulb will drill light right into your eyes and give you a headache (and some people are much more sensitive to this than others, myself included).

You can do this by simply making sure most/all of your lighting is coming from table top lamps that have calm lampshades on them.

Of course you could go with the $10,000 lamp designed by the father of modern hygge lighting Poul Henningsen, but a gentle $30 bedside lamp would do the trick as well.

Another note: Hygge in Denmark is all about candles.  However candles present not only an environmental/health risk (lots of carcinogens in the air), but also a fire risk (open flame indoors).  For this reason we do not recommend candles in the home, no matter how cozy they may seem (there is nothing cozy about burning your house down or getting lung cancer, sorry).


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